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Hello Everyone!


Allright I am in a keeper league that is basic rules but NO POINT PER RECEPTION

passing:1 pt per 20 yards pass; 6 per td

rushing:1 pt per 10 ru yards

rec: 1pt per 10 yards

1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1K 1D/ST


It is a keeper league(league votes off 2 players and you can keep 1 player from the rest of your team)


My keeper situation is:

Reggie Bush/Marshawn Lynch/Roy Williams(DAL)/ Witten


I have the 1st pick in draft out of 10 TEAMS

I am thinking of trading the first pick and keeper (whoever he wants from above players) for the 7th pick and Andre Johnson (his keeper). I am only trading first round picks not complete spots. This means I will have pick 7 then 20 and 21 with andre johnson. Is this a good deal for me or no?? What do you guys think?? Thanks for any feedback!



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Depends on who is available. I would probably do it considering your keeper situation, but not if a top player is there to draft.

I dont want to guarentee but as close as i can (the way people have drafted the past years and people talking) draft is gonna go

1Forte (he told me when we discussed our trade here thats who he wants, HUGE bears fan)

2 Turner or Peterson (he goes big on RB)

3 Brees or Brady(goes qb first round last 5 years)

4 Brees or brady (Has lobbied he wants either QB and wouldnt trade down)

5Peterson or Turner

6 Williams PEterson or turner or joens drew

7 ME going with whatever RB doesnt go..MJD Willams Peterson Turner


Then at 20 and 21 not sure who would be there and i dont even have a gamplan yet but leaning twords pick 7 being Best aval. RB and then maybe scooping up WR and RB.


***players kept are Andre Johnson, ONe of guys from the ones i stated on my team, chris johnson, Rivers, matt ryan,larry Fitzgerald, Owens, Gates, larry johnson, amd romo

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Thanks for the welcomeOpie! Finally found a site that has good questions followed by good opinions and answers.

Anyway, I think I've been talked into it from you guys and a couple buddies. Like your idea of Wrs with the follow up picks ,and looking to maybe grab a Piere thomas somewhere after that (not sure of his draft value) and davis CLE late late late and mabye some gems somewhere. Thanks for the feedback.

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Pills, (or anyone following thread)


So then i have Johnson and thne say I go MJD @7, then at 20 and 21 who would you take out of these guys??

Ryan Grant

Calvin Johnson

Anquan Boldin

Greg Jennings

Aaron Rodgers

Cedric Benson




I think you will be lucky to get MJD at 1.7. You might need to look at a Chris Johnson or Steve Slaton there if they are available.


C.J. won't be there past the first round, boldin shouldn't fall to 20, but I suppose if he's there it's a nice pick.


Jennings isn't bad at 20 or 21 if he's there.


If Brady/Breese/Manning have all been taken, Rodgers isn't bad at those picks either, but you could probably get close to as good of a qb with your next set of picks.


Stay away from Benson (that's just my opinion).

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