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DeSean Jackson/Moreno for TO/McCoy?


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I just got a trade offer where I give up DeSean Jackson and Knowshon Moreno for TO and LeSean McCoy.


We start 2 RBs and 3 WRs in our league (NOT a flex spot) and I am pretty set at running back and not very good at WR.


My team:

QB: Brady (bench: Hasselbeck)

WR: Andre Johnson, Antonio Bryant, DeSean Jackson (Bench: Torry Holt, Hakeem Nicks)

RB: Steve Slaton, Kevin Smith (Bench: Moreno, Joseph Addai, Donald Brown)

TE: Zach Miller

D: San Diego


(His team is:

QB: McNabb (Bench: Palmer)

WR: Megatron, Brandon Marshall, TO (Crabtree, Deion Branch)

RB: Adrian Peterson, Marion Barber (Felix Jones, McCoy)

TE: Dallas Clark (Keller)

D: Titans


He's a smart guy I don't want to fiddle around with a bunch of lopsided counter-offers but I'm debating offering him Bryant instead of Jackson in the same deal because of his injuries.


Since we only start 2 RB I should be pretty set with Slaton Smith and the Addai/Brown combo and McCoy has a chance to break out as well, so I'm not particularly attached to Moreno.


What I'm more concerned about is if TO will be much of an upgrade over DeSean Jackson. I need a lot of help at WR and don't quite trust Bryant. I think Jackson has a lot of potential but isn't a sure thing whereas TO has more value and seems to be a sure thing (despite the age and crappy Bills O-Line). Putting Johnson, TO and Bryant together seems a lot more of a stable WR corps than with Jackson, and Megatron/Bryant/DeSean seems pretty weak in comparison to some other WR groups out there in my league, but I don't know.


Should I take the deal?

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