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You have LT - keep Sproles or grab James Davis?

Billy Rohr

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10 tm non-PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, K, DEF, FLEX (QB/RB/WR/TE)


Keeper league (1 only, kept in round drafted. Free Agents kept in latest round of any player drafted and kept, probably about Rd 12)


RB are LT, Barber, P.Thomas, Ced Benson (rd 9), Beanie Wells (rd10) & Sproles (rd11)


Sproles easily weakest, but obvious LT cuff, could actually be good if LT gets hurt, and credible keeper.


Davis (#48RB and moving up) already ranked by Huddle ahead of Sproles (#59RB) and is still available Free Agent.


Idea would be to grab JD now and hope Jamaal Lewis release rumors become true.


Your input most appreciated.

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If you drafted Sproles cuz you believe that he has his own value and that has use to you, keep him.


If you drafted him as a handcuff, then he has no value to you, drop him and pickup Davis.


This is a hard one. Do you keep the handcuff to LT or do you grab a potential starter in 2010..cheaply I might add.


I'd grab Davis as he more than likely starts at mid season anyways.

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Yeah. You are wrong. Who is LT's handcuff then? Jacob Hester? Michael Bennett? Come on dude, the guy is the backup, he's the handcuff, were you asleep or under a rock when he set the 2nd highest single game total yard total for a playoff game and single handedly beat the colts? By the way, his highest total was 14 against denver, for 115 yards and a td. Stop

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