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Rate my draft


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Well, below is my draft. I'm a little disappointed with a couple pics. What do you guys think???



Aaron Rodgers QB

Larry Fitzgerald WR

Antonio Bryant WR

Chris Johnson RB

Pierre Thomas RB

Greg Olsen TE

Marshawn Lynch RB

Nick Folk K

Green Bay Def



Matt Hasselbeck QB

Beanie Wells RB

Josh Morgan RB

Anthony Gonzalez WR

Nate Washington WR

Ted Ginn Jr. WR

Dustin Keller TE



The playing position is below:






W/R (either WR or RB





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Pretty good overall. I don't particularly like Antonio Bryant and, of course, you are without Lynch for the first 3 games. Your QBs are very good but may actually give you WDIS dilemmas. RBs could be great, especially if Wells is the annual rookie RB stud. WR is strong with Fitz and I like Gonzo more than Bryant, but after that it's a crapshoot. K, D, and TE are solid. BTW, Josh Morgan is a WR, not an RB.

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At first you will be looking to your top 4 picks to carry your team. I have a feeling by week 4 people will be noticing Hasselbeck is back to being a top ten qb. When the guys who drafted Mcnabb, Schaub, Ryan see this you may want to try and trade Matt for a better reciever from one of those other teams. Until then it's the Rodgers Johnson Thomas And Fitz Show.

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