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As I consider switching from Fanball.com

Cunning Runt

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As I posted the other day, we're having some real issues with Fanball and these issues manifested themselves just last night when blind bids were run for the first time. What a mess.


So MFL is a likely landing spot, but before I jump ship, can MFL do the following?


1. We have a blind bid allotment of $1,000 that people can blind bid on free agents on Tuesdays. Processes automatically Tuesdays at 10pm. Want it so that the winning bid is the next highest bid +$1. Also so you can establish a claim order so you can enter multiple bids - either to cover yourself in case you lose the first one, or if you're after multiple players. Then on Wednesdays at 6am, it's open drop/adds.


2. Decimal scoring


3. Double-headers weekly


4. Live scoring - I'm sure they do, but just need to be 100% sure


5. Very flexible scoring input parameters


6. Message board for smack talk


7. I'm sure I'm missing some particulars, but I'm guessing most of the stuff we incorporate is pretty standard. If I think of anything else that may be a bit different, I'll post and ask.


8. A couple of our teams are two-man partnerships. Can I get them both access to their team's page and league independent of each other (ie not sharing a single password, etc...)?



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