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Portis and Lee Evans for M. Forte?


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I don't think it does much at all for you WR, unless Evans really improves from having TO around. I say stay put with Forte - in a PPR league, he's gold. You should aim for a top-tier receiver if you're going to trade Forte, IMO.



Thanks for the advice. That's kinda what I was leaning towards... NE one else got any words of advice? He has Calvin Johnson.... is Forte for Johnson a decent offer? Can I live with Westbrook, Beanie Wells, and Julius Jones if I do? I think J. Jones is a definite sleeper this year as long as he stays healthy. But that's a big if.....

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Is this a keeper league?


If you would have wanted a top tier WR, with your first pick (I assume), you could have had any of them, Fitgerald, Megatron, Moss, and even Andre Johnson.

Bad idea to give up Forte ( a good recieving back) for a wr.


Stick with Forte and Cutler handing it off as well as small underneath stuff.

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Absolutely not. I'm not as in love with Forte as some are but while some worry about him catching fewer passes b/c of Cutler throwing downfield, I think it just helps open up the running game for Forte. He'll still catch some passes as well but Portis just ain't the man in PPR and Evans doesn't really upgrade you at WR.


Wells and Jones at RB aren't quite enough to make me pull the trigger on Megatron though that gave me pause. Forte as a late 1st round pick w/ Westbrook at #2 is awfully strong in a PPR league for RBs. That's a great combo.


see mine



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My man Portis is going have a better season than Forte alone(dont worry he;s got some gas left in him and seems to be having a nice preseason)....I don't buy any of this Bears running game and Forte for that matter. Now that cutlers there its gonna be in the air...doesn't mean Forte will be out of the picture but I honestly put him on a Ryan Grant level...:wacko:

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