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Waht are your thougths on Matthew Stafford

Toledo Toxins

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Well, I think Stafford certainly has potential - and I think they've invested too much in him not to have him start for the majority of the season, if not week 1, and so far he's looked decent. I don't know if he'll be like Matt Ryan last year, but I think he'll be fairly solid, at least worthy of your bye week.

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Dude, he's a Lion. Rule #1 of fantasy football: Never draft Lions. Ever.



You need a little * at the end of that saying "*except Calvin Johnson*"


Matthew Stafford has long term potential. I really think he has looked good in the preseason but like Femmefootbal said he won't be a Matt Ryan. Kevin Smith isn't Micheal Turner and the Lions D isn't as solid as the Falcons plus they play against 3 tough teams twice. Thats 6 games where he would face the Vikings, Bears, and Packers.


If this were a dynasty/keeper league I'd be all over him. I like him 3-4 years down the road as a top 5 qb.


*oh and Kevin Smith is worth drafting.*

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