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Team Brooks

QB Aaron Rodgers

RB Matt Forte

RB Marion Barber

RB/WR Darren Sproles

WR Wes Welker

WR Antonio Bryant

TE Chris Cooley

D/ST Chargers D/ST

K Rob Bironas

BE Derrick Ward

BE Eli Manning

BE Joey Galloway

BE Patrick Crayton

BE James Jones

BE John Carlson

BE Ricky Williams

BE Michael Bush


Here's my lineup for 09' Fantasy...How am i looking any position spots that are weak that anybody thinks i should stack up on>

I just got rid of Bush and added hartline in place...What does anybody think about giving up GAlloway for Gage?....

I got some sleepers on my list right now does anybody think any of these players are potential pick ups.. Troy Williamson, Jordy Nelson, Randy Mcmichael, and/or Jermichael Finley....

Thanks a lot guys! :wacko:

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I actually like Galloway as a sleeper this year (See my blog post, addy in my signature for more on that) so I'd prefer to keep him over Gage (even though he's the de facto #1) on the non throwing Titans.


To give you other feedback I'd need to know your scoring system


Best of Luck,


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Passing TD Pass 6pt Every 25 passing yards 1 pt

40+ yard TD pass bonus 3pt 50+ yard TD pass bonus 4 pt

300-399 yard passing game 4pt 400+ yard passing game 6 pt

2pt Passing Conversion 2 pt Interceptions Thrown -2 pt


Rushing TD Rush 6pt 2pt Rushing Conversion 2pt

Every 10 rushing yards 1pt 40+ yard TD rush bonus 4 pt

50+ yard TD rush bonus 5pt 100-199 yard rushing game 3 pt

200+ yard rushing game 4 pt


Receiving TD Reception 6pt 2pt Receiving Conversion 2 pt

40+ yard TD rec bonus 4 pt 50+ yard TD rec bonus 5 pt

Every 10 receiving yards 1pt Each reception 1 pt

100-199 yard receiving game 3 200+ yard receiving game 4pt


Miscellaneous Each Fumble Lost -2 Kickoff Return TD 6

Punt Return TD 6


Kicking FG Made (50+ yards) 5 FG Made (40-49 yards) 4

FG Made (0-39 yards) 3 Each PAT Made 1


Team Defense / Special Teams 0 points allowed 12 2-6 points allowed 7

7-13 points allowed 4 14-17 points allowed 1

Blocked Punt or FG return for TD 6 Each Interception 2

Each Fumble Recovered 2 Blocked Punt, PAT or FG 2

Each Safety 2 Each Sack 1

Kickoff Return TD 6 Punt Return TD 6

Interception Return TD 6 Fumble Return TD 6

35-45 points allowed -3 46+ points allowed -4

Less than 100 total yards allowed 8 100-199 total yards allowed 2

200-299 total yards allowed 1 450-499 total yards allowed -1

500-549 total yards allowed -2 550+ total yards allowed -3

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If you are weak anywhere it's at WR....Bryant has an aging, slow, and innacurate QB throwing to him, and given Bryant's sometimes tenuous mental state he's a risky play for certain. Doesn't look like the scoring is PPR so that drops Welkers value some and Welker is apparently banged up and may miss game 1 (though no one knows why of course).


Even with the addition of Hartline I'd probably swap out James Jones for Troy Williamson, I think you get a bit more upside there


Given that you get a punt return bonus for individual players keep your eye on the waiver wire in case a Dante Hall like player emerges this year (seem to almost every other year) and maybe jump all over that for depth at your flex position.


Best of Luck,


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