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Who to put in at Flex?


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I'm trying to decide who to start at flex for week one. I have Beanie Wells, who is splitting carries as second back but looked fantastic in his last game, Fred Jackson, who's starting over the suspended Lynch, and Anthony Gonzalez, who has the potential to be a stud WR. Wells has the best matchup, v. San Fran, with Jackson @ NE and Gonzalez v. Jacksonville.


Who would you start, and why? Thanks!

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You've still got a week and a half. There is still another set of preseason games and although most starters wont see more than 2 series, they could still possibly get hurt.


Based on those 3 people - and if you had to set your lineup TODAY, I would play Fred Jackson


A Gonzalez still hasn't proven to me that he is a solid WR option. This is his 3rd year and although he has Reggie Wayne on the other side drawing coverage along with arguably the best QB in the NFL throwing to him - I'm one of those people who wants to see results first before playing them in my starting roster. And Beanie Wells did look solid, but he's missed a lot of training camp due to injuries, and Hightower is still the starter.


So there's my $.02! Fred Jackson (regardless of the matchup).

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Jackson for the simple fact that he's the starter there. He should catch a couple of balls at least. Nothing really wrong w/ Gonzalez but he just doesn't do it for and Jax is typically tough defensively. I don't think of any of the 3 are that much different from the others but at this moment, I'd go Jackson.


please see mine



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I think Jackson and Gonzalez are the top 2 options here. Wells has potential in the long run but Hightower is the starter and Wells missed some off the preseason with injuries which means he may not know as much of the playbook so they won't put him in in all situations.


I like Jackson as a runner the first few weeks but as you've said week 1 he has to run agains the Pats which should be a challenge.


Gonzalez on the other hand goes up against the Jags and that defense is suspect to me...they haven't been the same since their dc took the head coaching job in ATL. I like Gonzalez this year to do pretty good. I mean he should at least get 1000 yds. Last year as the number 3 wr and probably Mannings number 4 target behind Clark he managed to catch 57 balls for 664 yds and 4 tds.


I think first few weeks its a matchup based toss up, in the long run Gonzalez is the man but for week one I'd also go with Gonzalez because I think the pats will have a tougher defense then the Jags....Plus Gonzalez is part of a far more explosive offense.

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