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Need advice on 3rd pick


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Depends. How many TDs do you realistically expect them to get compared to the number of TDs you would expect to get from a QB later on in the draft, then compare that difference to the number of TDs you realistically expect the RB or WR you would take at 3 instead to the TDs you would get from that position later on.


So, if you think Brady will go for 30 TDs, and you could get Cutler 7 rounds later and he will go for 22 TDs, that's a difference of 8 TDs but essentially the opportunity to pick better players at the other positions for 7 rounds heading into there. Or, what if you only waited until the 3rd or 4th round and were still able to get a Rodgers or Warner who may well match Brady or Brees in TDs, but then were able to get the much better RB or WR? (Obviously you need to think of your leagues tendencies to determine what are likely players available at each pick, I'm going from more traditional performance league ADPs)

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