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Flacco, Pennington, Farve, Girrard, Edwards? Who would you take?


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Pennington is a consistent number 2 qb

Favre will also be a number 2 qb this season but will be apart of a more explosive offense.

Flacco will be looking to improve on last seasons numbers but a number 2 qb

Garrard and Edwards are in the same boat for me, neither are even number 2 qbs but Garrard is a sleeper, he is looking for a comeback....He will be behind an improved and healthy o-line, mjd will be the center of that offense and Holt can still play, just not as fast as he used to.


So to answer your question it would depend on what round it is.


I'd probably order it






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Flacco is risky but has a lot of potential.

Edwards has potential with TO and Evans, but his O-Line is probably the worst in the league, so I'd stay away from that.

Pennington always puts up mediocre numbers consistently. The Dolphins also have the toughest schedule in the league after having one of the easiest last year. I'd put Pennington as a distant fifth.


I think Garrard is the best choice. He actually was in the top 10 in fantasy QB points last year behind a horrendous O-Line that was very injured. This year the injured O-Linemen are back and they drafted some more so it should be much improved. Holt is registering for his AARP card right now but he's loads better than whatever wide receivers they had last year (like Matt "Pass the Coke" Jones). He's a solid backup.


I have no idea what to expect from Favre. It all depends on whether or not he still views himself as a GUNSLINGER or if he realizes that he's too old now to take gambles and starts to move towards being a Kerry Collins-esque game manager who mostly hands the ball off. Percy Harvin's development will factor into him a lot too. Favre could end up GUNSLINGIN the day away to Berrian, Harvin and Shiancoe while AP sits there frustrated and eclipsing the other four by a mile, but I think Garrard is the safest bet.

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Go Garrard

That's my gut as well. Everyone talks about how amazing MJD is going to be this year. Well, Garrard is the guying throwing those wheel routes and screens to him so it's hard to believe in one and completely ignore the other.

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I think it's a toss-up between Garrard and Favre. Garrard is the better QB at this point, but Favre in MN has a chance to be part of a top-5 offense. Simple screens/swing passes/short slants to AP/Taylor/Harvin along with the occasional bomb to Berrian should be a recipe for about 3,500 yards. I'm a little concerned about TDs since Childress really loves to pound the ball in the red zone (and with AP/Taylor, who wouldn't?).


I don't like Edwards at all, Pennington's a solid (very accurate) QB but he has a very difficult schedule and I'm not sold on Flacco, I think the Raven's will continue to win via defense and running (Ray Rice should be very good this year).

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