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Continuous 2009 Fantasy Thread


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I'm creating this thread so my team, league rules, etc are easily referenced every time I have a question.



12 Team, non PPR

Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, WR/RB/TE (flex), K, DEF, 7 Bench Slots

1 point = 10 yds Rushing, 10 yds Receiving, 25 yds Passing, 20 yds Return (kick/punt returns)

All TD are 6 points, everything else is standard


My Team

QB - Palmer, Farve

RB - D. Williams, P. Thomas, W. Parker, D. Brown, R. Williams

WR - A. Johnson, B. Marshall, D. Jackson, S. Breaston, S. Holmes

TE - Z. Miller, B. Celek

K - R. Bironas

DEF - NE Patriots


NOTE: It costs a dollar per transaction as well

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My first question is about possibly picking up a free agent RB or WR, as my philosophy is to hoard as many RB as possible, so if/when injuries or breakouts occur, I already have them in stock!


I could easily drop B. Celek or Ricky Williams to make room.


Available free agents of interest:


RB - Bernard Scott CIN, James Davis CLE, Glen Coffee SF, Edgerin James SEA, Michael Bush OAK, Peyton HIllis DEN, Dominic Rhodes BUF


WR - Robert Meachem NO, Sidney Rice MIN, Nate Washington TEN, James Jones GB, Mark Clayton BAL, Isaac Bruce SF, Devery Henderson NO



Who would you drop? Who would you pickup? Would you leave the team as is for now? What is your reasoning?

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In a 12 team non PPR, I'd be all over James Davis who absolutely should have been drafted, for an upside play he's got a chance to make some noise shortly into the season....not sexy, but almost as compelling is Michael Bush, who'll get the goal line looks and maybe another 8 carries a game in Oakland....I'd be happy to have either over Celek...start with Davis though


I don't like any of the available receivers over your corp, nor over the available RBs of Davis/Bush


Best of Luck,



(Check out my new blog post, for some deep sleepers, addy in sig!)

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Welcome and good thread.


I'd pick up Bernard Scott CIN and James Davis CLE. To take them, I'd drop Favre, RWilliams, or BCelek.


Some might suggest M.Bush, but I don't like OAK except Z.Miller TE. Meachem might be a good pick up for that high-powered offense, but who'll be the top WRs? Colston is likely if healthy, the battle for #2.


No way would I just drop Favre.


He will end up being a top 15 QB this year if he stays healthy.


I'm going to drop Celek and grab James Davis. That was my original intention and having it reassured via this thread caps it off for me.


I may drop Ricky Williams, but don't know if it is worth it at the moment since each transaction costs me a dollar.

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So I was looking down my roster trying to decide on a starting lineup for week 1.


I'm looking for a source for depth charts of Kick/Punt Returners, as my league gives a point per 20 return yards.


Doesn't seem like a lot of points but it could be the difference in starting the right guy or not.


I need one starting WR and a flex if you think they're a better start than Willie Parker vs. Tennessee out of these:

DeSean Jackson @CAR

Breaston vs. SF

Holmes vs. TEN



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I read something that claimed that Parker was going to be the featured RB in PIT. As long as that's true and continues to be, I think he's a pretty good start.


Parker = safe

DeJax = upside


my opinion anyway


Parker is playing the tough Tennessee rush defense in week 1 though

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Would anyone consider this a decent trade for me?


Trade away P. Thomas and S. Holmes for Chris Johnson?


It would upgrade me at RB, and I'd still have plenty of WR depth.


Any other trades you guys would aim for with my league/roster setup?


I would like to upgrade/bolster depth at RB since I have so many quality receivers. I just don't know who I can get for fair trades.

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