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Welcome to the new year/adventure!


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Today was my second day back at school and the first for my new crop of students. :wacko: It's going to be a very challenging year to say the least. I will have 7-8 kids (not sure yet if 1 child is transfering in from NY or not) and this is as low functioning a group as I have ever had in my career. Not only are they low but this is the largest group of kids that I'll have worked with in a special pull-out program (resource center). They are in fourth grade and don't even know how to write all the letters. The good part is that they are all pretty sweet kids, with the exception of one child who, throughout the first day, behaved like the squirrel, Hammy from the movie, Over The Hedge. He has severe ADHD as several times today he had his shoes off playing with his toes and feet and two other times he actually threw himself out of his seat and onto the floor. I truly believe at this point that his behaviors are not attention-seeking, rather he just can't control himself as each time I spoke with him after an incident he was very remorseful to the point of tears.


Tonight has been a very depressing night as I find myself just sitting here wondering how I'm going to help all of these children with their own specific learning difficulties. The programs I usually use for kids at the 4th grade level in a Reource Center are still way too difficult. I will be spending a ton of time not only at work but at home trying to devise a program for each child that will assist them in their learning process and yet at the same time is still tied into the curriculum.


Oh and I was notified that one set of parents in particular feel that their child should not be classified and has fought tooth and nail for declassification and will continue to do so. Their child is probably the lowest funtioning of the group.


Should be quite an adventure this year! My heart bleeds for these kids. I know some of you out there are also teachers and was wondering how you're doing.

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maybe you picked the wrong career ...




Nah, that's not the case. See with education especially special education, many times there's no exact science or one way to deal with all children and learning differences. This is a pretty sizeable group of very low functioning kids who all have different learning problems. I'm one person and I have to not only try different methods to see which will be effective but I also have to make different plans for each of them and implement them all within the same timeframe.


I'm sure many who don't love kids and who aren't truly devoted to a career in education might feel like they picked the wrong career but I am not one of those people.


Thanks for the positive responses all and I am confident that I will make this situation work and that these kids will benefit greatly throughout the year and being that it's just the beginning of the year, I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed by the task ahead. It's like the first day of college, having a 21-credit course load and getting all the syllabi (plural?) from each class and seeing all the requirements and feeling like when and how the hell am I going to get through this semester?!?

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