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How would you rate these teams 1-3?


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Standard scoring, start 1QB, 1RB, 1RB/WR, 2WR, 1TE, 1D, 1K


Team 1

QB: Cutler, Cassel

RB: SJax, bjacobs, Dmac,beanie,Lynch

WR: rowdyroddy, TO, Lee evens

TE: Carlson

D: Washington

K: Elam


Team 2

QB: Pennington, Flacco

RB: LT, Grant, Rice, Knowshon, Mccoy

WR: AJ, Bouldin, Royal, C.Henry

TE: Clark

D: Minn

K: Akers


Team 3

QB: Ryan

RB: AD, Addia, C. Benson, Lewis, F. Jones

WR: Jennings, C.Johnson, A.Gonzo

TE: Cooley

D: Philly

K. Lindell



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Why does Team 3 have 10 players and the other two have 13?


Team 1 is definitely the best if Steven Jackson stays healthy but I doubt he will be.


Not thrilled about Team 3's second RB (Addai and Benson, seriously? without donald brown as insurance?) but having Jennings and Megatron should make up for it. He should try to pick up another RB.....3 RBs and 3 WRs aren't enough when you have two, although I have no idea why he has three less players than the other two. I'm assuming you forgot someone.


Team 2 has a pretty solid RB and WR core and a good TE also. But what the hell is up with his horrible quarterbacks? How did he end up with Pennington and Flacco? Pennington and Flacco aren't even drafted in a lot of leagues as backups. Did he wait to draft his starting quarterback until everyone else had already picked a backup? He gets last place because of that.

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