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RATE MY TEAM- 12 TEAM LEAGUE..Do i need a trade?


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12 team league, standard scoring except 1 point per recepton, start 1 qb, 2 rbs, 2 wrs, 1rb/wr, 1 te, 1 d 1 k


qb- brady, garrard, leinart

rb - forte, reggie bush, moreno, c. benson, edgerin james

wr- braylon edwards, h.ward, d.driver, d.mason, j.galloway

te- shockey, v. davis

d- titans



Thoughts on this team...Do i need to make a trade?

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You have Brady, who you're going to play every week except his bye week, and you have a solid backup in Garrard. Drop Leinart immediately. Even if Warner gets injured he won't do better than Brady or Garrard.


Normally I'd say that you shouldn't keep two tight ends, but Shockey and Davis are both unproven for the year so you might want to hang onto them to find out who's better. I'm assuming that other people grabbed backup tight ends before you grabbed your first because there are definitely 12 tight ends better than Shockey.


You seem to have a lot of depth of "pretty good" players at RB and WR but no studs (other than Forte.)


Your RBs besides Forte are all RB3s, not RB2s, but you should do decently if you play the matchups right. Obviously start Forte every week but you could rotate Bush, Moreno and Benson depending on the matchups. Since you get 1 PPR Bush should be a solid start when healthy. None of the rest are solid RB2s so you may have some frustrations deciding. Hopefully Moreno gets the majority of the carries in Denver and grows into your solid RB2 choice but that's not assured yet. Pay close attention to Denver training camp reports before deciding whether to start him Week 1 (and do the same with Saints training reports and Bush's injury in order to decide if you should start the former Mr. Kardashian.)

Right now I'd start Forte, Bush (if not injured) and Benson and wait a week to see if Moreno will be the man in Denver.


I am really not a fan of your WR situation. Edwards is the king of dropped balls. I'm assuming you drafted him in early round 3 which I think was a huge mistake and there should have been much better WRs available. Ward, Driver and Mason are all pretty good but more like WR3s instead of WR2s. Once again you may have to play the matchups every week to decide between those three. The Packers are going to throw it a lot so I feel like Driver is going to be your eventual choice.


Honestly this team isn't very good other than Brady and Forte. Your RBs have potential so you could get lucky there but your WRs are a bunch of older guys who will put up OK but not great numbers, and Edwards isn't much of a true number 1. Your TEs kind of suck too.

I feel like whichever of these people you drafted in rounds 3-5 sunk you and there was much better value available - no one here (besides Brady and Forte) deserves to be drafted before Round 5. Good job in the later rounds though because you got a bunch of good players on your bench.


You are badly missing a consistent stud WR1 but I don't know who you could trade for that. You just have to hope Bush stays healthy and Moreno breaks out and then maybe you could trade Benson and one of Ward/Driver/Mason for a stud WR1.

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