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Calvin Johnson being shown to me


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10 team redraft league...no ppr...4 for passing td's...6 for all other td's...1 for 20 passing...1 for 10 rush/rec


we start 1qb 2rb 2wr/te 1 flex k d


my team: QB Brady/Hasselbeck/Delhomme RB MJD/Westbrooke/MLynch/Donald Brown/Andre Brown/Justin Forsett/Fred Jackson WR Roy Williams/AGonzolez/LColes/SMoss/Mushin K Crosby D Vikings



We had our draft last night. I am pretty happy with my team except for my WR's.


The Calvin Johnson owner showed me Calvin and a b/u rb for MHasselbeck and MLynch.


Would you make this trade?



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I would do it but since he is coming to you, I would ask what player you might get in return. I would definitely play up Lynch and the fact that TO is going to provide him a ton of scoring chances....all to try to get a nice blue chip / sleeper type in return. I wouldn't wait too long on it though...maybe pressure him with....I want to set my team to get starters turned in. In general, if you can trade 2 back up players for a starter...and in Cal Johnsons case, it would be a near elite, legit starter...I would always make those deals.


Opinion of one at least.

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Ok...now he is saying it was the draft night beer talking (I should have just done it on the spot in front of everybody but I hesitated). What he WILL do now is Calvin Johnson and Greg Jones (big deal) for MLynch/Fred Jackson and Matt Hasselbeck.


I know I am getting a huge upgrade at WR .... but I am worried about what that does to my RB depth. If Donald Brown does what I think he will, I should be fine. But if he does not, then I am very thin at RB.


Do it?



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