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Bucs Off Coord Fired


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Seriously, how do teams get to week 4 in PS before dropping the ax? They couldn't figure out in meetings and OTAs that this wasn't their guy and they needed a change ASAP? Instead they are going to try to implement a new system in a week before the start of regular season play? Look for both team's Os to struggle badly and look for the pure athletes to be the ones who benefit, since the guys who make their bones as hard workers/systems guys are going to struggle as they go through learning pains of a new system by learning on-the-fly in real games (and much less pratice time).

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Rumours are they were worried his play book was too small, he didn't go into enough detail and things had stopped developing. Basically, he wasn't complicated enough for the NFL.

He's already proven to be a strong OC in the NFL. I'll go ahead and predict that the Bucs will be on the clock with the first pick.

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