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Which rookie RB to target in KEEPER league...

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We keep 2 franchise players each year and have 'missed out' on the likes of Adrian Peterson (who will remain on my friends team until Peterson is either severely injured on non productive), Forte, Chris Johnson, etc.....


out of this years rookie crop of RB, who has the most upside to have a long storied career???


Knowshon Moreno


Beanie Wells


Donald Brown



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If you're just considering the future go with Brown. If he explodes this year they're going to get rid of Addai sometime in the next year or two. However, in order for Brown to make an impact THIS YEAR, Addai will need to get injured (not an unreasonable expectation)


Moreno might have the best year this year because the runningback situation sucks there, but with the revolving door at RB at Denver, you never know what's going to happen.


Wells has the talent to be a featured back in Arizona but that team is going to keep passing for at least the next two years, and Wells has the propensity to get injured. Hightower is also pretty young, talented and without a history of injury so I don't see them getting rid of him. I honestly don't see them becoming a run-oriented team anytime soon, even after Warner gets injured/retires, with Whisenhunt and Fitzgerald there.


Honestly its a crapshoot. If you need runningback help THIS YEAR, I'd go with Moreno. If you have a good RB core and want an investment for next year and two years from now I'd go with Brown.

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