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Maroney Situation


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Should I keep Laurence Maroney or drop him for Vernon Davis TE?


I have one TE on my team: Shockey


Besides my starters I am pretty deep at RB with:


Fred Jackson

Jerious Norwood

Dom Rhodes

Bernard Scott (handcuff for Benson)


My problem is I have bias for all these guys (I also like keepin them from other teams), would you drop one of em for Vernon Davis? Thx for the advice.


Anybody more familiar with who will start in Buffalo while Lynch is suspended?

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I DVRed every Bills Preseason game and watched them all the way through.


I have to say that Dominic Rhodes has looked really bad in preseason and the offensive line has looked horrible. A back up D-Line man for the Bears basically picked up the rookie Levitre and threw him into Trent Edwards. Levitre is slated to start at RG.


I was really expecting Dom to come in and look great for the Lynch Suspension but not so much. Xavier Omon has looked just as good as Rhodes and that is to say not really great.


Freddy is nice but unless the O-Line gets mature real fast it is going to be a long season.


Sorry if your starters are Lynch and Benson, I think you will be in for a long season too.


Is James Davis, McCoy or Donald Brown available? I would look at them on the WW as high upside. James Davis is getting drafted in all redrafts (YET.)

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Jackson will start...but when you say deep do you mean you have a lot because really none of those guys are more than a number 3 rb at best....do you have other backs? You say you have Scott as the handcuff to Benson so I assume you have more rbs you haven't mentioned.


If that is the case then I would probably drop Scott...I see no sense in having a guy on your team that isn't playing just eating up a spot. You may as well just fill your team with starters and then if Benson goes down I'm guessing you can grab Scott up off waivers...can't imagine there will be a run on hm.


But if those are your only backs you might wanta make a trade to bring in a stud.

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Buffalo fan here, F. Jackson will get majority of carries while Lynch is out, so I would say very little need to keep D. Rhodes on your team, he would be the first option to drop. Norwood second, unless ur handcuffing him to Turner, but Rhodes would be the guy to go I would have to say.

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What do you think about McGahee? I haven't seen any preseason games and word is that Rice is the guy but that there will be a committee...who has more value though? In your opinion that is...


McGahee is still considered a top back here in Baltimore and I think he will probably get the initial goal line carries. He did well in the pre-season and looked like himself, a reliable consistent runner. Committee will be there and is a true running back by commitee so I doubt Ray will dominant the carries. Rice has slighlty more value because he's a guy we use for short passes and down the middle of the field (more so than McGahee, he still gets those opportunities too). All in all , I like McGahee but he is part of the system here, definently worth holding onto as a backup (or a weak starter if you have two strong RBs) and depending on how hot he is during the season you can identify whether or not to keep him or get rid of him.


It may be RBBC (McClain is also loved in B-more, I expect him to get some carries; especially goal line) here but the run game is what got us to the AFC championship game (offensively, at least) and I doubt any drastic changes are going to occur to a great running system that wins games; B-more will run the ball alot period, we have two new strong offensive lineman in birk and oher and both looked dominant in the preseason; I wouldn't be surprised at all if ravens are in top 3 in rushing yards again (but them yards are spread out). Flacco will be able to take more pressure off the run game to as defenses realize his potential now after his showing in the latter half of the season last year.


Hope that helps

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