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12 team .7 ppr, start QB, 2 RB, 2WR, Flex (wr/rb), TE, K, DST 6 points for rush and pass TD. Drafted in the 10 spot.


QB - McNabb, Bulger


RB- Chris Johnson, Stephen Jackson, Hightower, LeSean McCoy


WR - TO, Housh, Holt, Jeremy Maclin, Avery


TE - Gonzalez, Zach Miller ( Oakland)


K - Kaeding


DST - Baltimore, Oakland


Thanks for the input...leave a link

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Doesnt look too bad, I would look for something else at backup QB though, Bulger is barely even worth having these days and McNabb not exactly the healthiest guy in the world. TO worrys me, I am Buffalo fan and I think we are in for a long year, but thats personal opinion. I would check waiver wire for QBs though.

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Solid squad, but I think you are hurting at the flex and on your bench. Hightower/McCoy/Avery/Maclin are good prospects but not reliable producers at this time. Avery is possibly the best of the bunch, especially if Wells gets the nod in ARI.


I consider dropping the backup QB, TE, & DEF if you can and look for RB/WR prospects on the waiver wire. WR Henry/Burleson RB JDavis/BScott or anything else that might be there. Assuming transactions are free and open, I see you being able to find bye week fillers at QB/TE/DEF comparable to what you have.

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