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Things I hate about Fantasy Football message boards


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1. Who Do I Start

2. Rate My Team

3. When I open a thread about Vick's FF value

and it is all about OUR values or morals or should he play or should he get paid, so on and so on


my bad on #3, but tangents have been a part of these boards for years. hard to just walk away from related discussions because of the title of a thread . . .

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I hate people who don't offer any feedback at all on anyone else's drafts or trades, then open up their own "RATE MY TEAM" thread (which is not really asking for help but really just made to brag and have people say "Wow nice team!" because they get super defensive and rationalize their choices when anyone criticizes their team) and then get pissed when they don't get enough responses.

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I hate that in just about every RMT post I've seen this season on the main board, no one, I mean no one, has laid into them. I miss Grits...


I've done a couple RMT threads, but I always hope to get honest answers. A "beat me up" type response which motivates me to really pay attention to players on the waiver and double check the players opposing defense that week which then makes me shuffle my players a bit more.


I think criticism is good for keeping you on your toes. When people come in and rate your team with "team looks great" or "no changes needed", it makes you complacent and you tend not to do the research you ought to be doing.

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