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Even trade? If not, which side is better?


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My RBs (start 2): Peterson, Rice, McFadden, Pierre Thomas, Donald Brown, McCoy

My WRs (start 3): R. White, Jennings, DeSean, Mason


Another team in our league really wants Ray Rice.


I was thinking I have enough depth at RB to propose this:


I give him Rice, McFadden, McCoy, and DeSean Jackon


I get Grant, Welker, and Chester Taylor.


I'm thinking he might go for it, and since I'm the commissioner & I'm the one who approves a trade, would like some outside opinions.

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I don't know...trades of 3 or more players on either side are hard to really judge.


I would offer...if he doesn't go for it then I wouldn't press him for Taylor....and if you can get Grant and Welker for those 4 players I think you still have a good deal, but certainly if he will get off of taylor then its only a better deal.


Its fairly even really...at least in my opinion.

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Welker is definently a suitable replacement for Jackson


U may be giving him too much value at RB as Westbrook seems to me to be pretty beat up, and I think McCoy will start at some point in the season as opposed to the young and healthy Peterson who I doubt will miss a start leaving C. Taylor as a backup for the year.


God only knows what McFadden will do...(I say this solely b/c he's on the raiders)


All in all I woundn;t make the trade because I believe in McCoy and not so much in Taylor production wise (I think both are great backs) but if you honestly don't believe Westbrook will get hurt I would make the trade because you get Grant who could be really good this year because teams will be more worried about stopping Rodgers air mail than Grant.

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