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Scheffler or Boss? Who will be the better fantasy TE?


Scheffler or Boss?  

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  1. 1. Who will be the better fantasy TE?

    • Tony Scheffler (TE, DEN)
    • Kevin Boss (TE, NYG)

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If you wait on a TE while grabbing RBs and WRs like I tend to do, these are probably the caliber of guys you're going to get. There are some "safer" options like Celek who will put up okay numbers but both Boss and Scheffler have a tremendous upside and downside.


Both of these guys are big question marks on teams with a changing passing game and it remains to be seen how they fit into their offense. Who will end up being better in fantasy?


Scheffler: He's always received Cutler's passes, but McDaniels's schemes prefer TEs to block. However with Orton's weak arm he may be a preferential target, and it seems like a waste to have such a good receiving TE just block. From camp reports it sounds like Orton likes him, but McDaniels' scheme may not factor in passes to the TE. (There's also Daniel Graham to contend with - will Graham take away his playing time, or will he help Scheffler's value by becoming the blocking TE while Scheffler acts as a receiver?)


Boss: With the questions at New York's receiving corps he could end up being a big safety target and endzone target for Eli while Eli is still getting used to Smith/Hixon/Nicks. Or he could barely factor into the offense at all, like in the previous years where he had 6 touchdowns but barely any yards. Had a few good receptions in preseason games but never really gets many receptions during the regular season. Does that change this year?


Any input (especially from Giants and Broncos fan) encouraged.

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I've been saying for a while that Boss will score more fpts than any Giants WR and I voted him ahead of Sheffler. I think Boss's numbers continue to trend upward this year, especially TDs. I'd like Sheffler more if Cutler was still there, but still not ahead of Boss. The Broncos have much better WRs than the Giants.

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