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Who has the best team in my league...you decide


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I'm in a 10 team standard performance scoring league no PPR. Six points for all TD's including passing TD's. QB RB RB WR WR TE K Can you guys look at the below teams and let me know which team you think is the best, second, and third. Thanks.



Team 1 K WarnerE Manning ® R BrownS SlatonF Jones ®F Jackson ®W McGahee ® D JacksonR WayneJ Gage ® J CarlsonO Daniels ® M Crosby Steelers


Team 2 C PalmerM Hasselbeck ® B WestbrookC JohnsonK Moreno ®S Greene ® M ColstonT OwensH Nicks ®L Coles ®M Austin ® C Cooley R Bironas Ravens


Team 3 P ManningK Orton ® L TomlinsonR GrantC Benson ®R Mendenhall ® A BoldinH WardR E. Williams ®S Smith ® K Boss S Gostkowski JetsRedskins ®


Team 4 T RomoM Ryan ® D McFaddenD WilliamsD Brown ®J Stewart ®R Bush ®W Parker ® A JohnsonC JohnsonB Edwards ® J Shockey N Folk Chargers


Team 5 D McNabbB Roethlisberger ® A PetersonK SmithB Wells ®C Portis ®R Rice ® C OchocincoS SmithB Berrian ®T Ginn Jr. ® A Gates R Longwell Titans


Team 6 A RodgersB Favre ® S JacksonT HightowerM Lynch ® R MossR WhiteA Gonzalez ®B Marshall ®C Henry ®D Mason ® G Olsen R Gould Giants


Team 7 D BreesM Cassel ® B JacobsM Jones-DrewJ Lewis ®T Jones ® V JacksonW WelkerD Hester ®L Moore ®L Evans ® D Clark J Elam Eagles


Team 8 M SchaubJ Campbell ® M ForteP ThomasJ Jones ®L McCoy ®L White ® D BoweG JenningsJ Cotchery ®T Holt ® T Gonzalez D Akers Vikings


Team 9 P RiversJ Flacco ® F GoreJ AddaiD Sproles ®G Coffee ®L Johnson ® L FitzgeraldT.J. HoushmandzadehE Royal ®K Walter ® D Keller J Kasay Patriots


Team 10 T BradyJ Cutler ® M BarberM TurnerA Bradshaw ®D Ward ® D DriverS HolmesD Hixon ®P Crayton ®P Harvin ® J Witten J Carney Cowboys

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