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C Johnson or K Smith?


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14 team, start 2 QB performance based .5 PPR league.


I was given a choice between RB C. Johnson from Tenn or RB K Smith from Det to get in a trade. At first I was ready to jump on C Johnson but I just don't have a good feeling about him this year. I really didn't watch him much this preseason because he was kept by another coach. I'm also a Detroit fan, (insert laughter here) :wacko: so I've watched them this preseason and did like what I saw from Smith. I do like Linehan there and his track record with feature backs from Minn and St Louis and think Smith has the better upside as a keeper. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I am a huge Smith fan. Watched him in college here in Orlando. You are right he is everything you want in a strong back with decent hands, blocking, a classic every down back, he will be more consistant in the long run, particularly as the Lions get better.


That siad this season and next event as a small back CJ will have better stats for FF, He get 3rd down passes, screens and is ready to explode, all he misses is the goaline work. Untill he wears a bit I think CJ is where to go for now.

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CJ is a no brainer. K Smith has less upside. Also, CJ could factor more into the passing game this year, giving him another advantage in PPR. Who would you rather have blocking for your RB. The TEN o-line or the DET o-line?


This is only a decision because you like Smith and DET. So, it's fine if you take KS. Get the player you like better. Just know he will likely not perform as well. But, this is a FF forum, and CJ is the right choice from a FF perspective.

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Looking at the way those two finished last year.


In the last 8 games

Smith had 671 yds rushing, avg 21 rushes per game, avg 15 rec yds per game, 4 td with a rush td in the last 3 games and averaged 14.39 fantasy point per game in my leagues scoring system. He only had 3 games under 10 points in the last 8 games.


Johnson had 602 yds rushing, avg 16.125 rushers per game, avg 21 rec yds per game, 5 td and averaged 16.4 fantasy points per game. He had 4 games under 10 points in the last 8 games.


To me it looks like Smith finished stronger and Johnson will still have to share with White who has something to prove this year. Smith should not see his number of touches go down. In my league last year, the difference per game between these two was only 3.18 points


I'm not one to go with my heart but after really crunching the numbers they are pretty close, at least how they finished last year. Either of these two will be my RB2/3 with Thomas and just supporting Turner so I think I need to go with consistency in a support role than a roller coaster. The ease of schedule looks to lean slightly toward Smith as well so I think I need to against the grain and go with Smith. Thanks for your input guys as always.

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