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Ten Team, 2 Keeper League....

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ten team league, no PPC .....1 pt every 10 yards rushing/receiving....6 for a TD.....Keeping Gore and choice is either:


Kevin Smith: strong rookie season on lousy team, does he get better?


Ryan Grant: disappointing season after strong prior year. Healthy, good team, but does he share any carries?


both are pretty even......coin toss?

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Depends. I think Grant will be better this year, much better. I think it was a fluke he didn't have the TD's last year. That said, he is in a passing first offense, but if they get leads, which tey will, they will try to grind out te win. I think you see a ton of yards, and 11 TD's from Grant.


SMith has the potentail to be a top 10 back or better back, but if the Lions are behind a throwing in games like last year I think you get the exact same numbes from Smith, maybe a few more yards since he will be teh starter all year.


Most likley 1,000 yards and 8-10 TD's, If the start winning games, I think you could see those numbers go to 1,500 yards and 15 TD's.


Both get many catches in case you are in the PPR leauge, so that is a wash.


Smith, more ptentail, Grant more reliable but with a ceiling.

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I'd take Grant over Smith. Grant will get a majority of the carries in a very high-powered offense, meaning lots of opportunities near the goal-line. Smith plays on a team that will start either a mediocre veteran QB, or a rookie QB, neither of which bodes well for their overall offensive production.

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