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Who to Cut?


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12 team performance scoring league. we draft 15, but have to drop to 14 by monday of the first week of the season. we start 2 RB and 3 WR.


current roster:


QB: C. Palmer, J. Delhomme

RB: AP, Ryan Grant, Felix Jones, Ricky Williams

WR: G. Jennings, T. Housh, L. Coles, M. Muhamed, J. Gage

TE: Antonio Gates

D: Baltimore

K: Mason Crosby


i'm leaning to drop ricky. my two receiver projects are equal to me. ricky seems to be the longer shot.



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I'd say its between Delhomme and Gage.


I don't think Gage will be that great and Delhomme isn't a bad qb but he won't put up monster numbers...plus you have Palmer who until last season was consistently a no.1 qb. So I think you'd be okay to drop him and then pick a guy up off of waivers in the bye week.


That allows you to maintain your depth @ both rb and wr.

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yeah i was gonna say delhomme too. the ww should provide you someone to pick up on carson's bye, i got palmer too and think we're in for a top 10 performance.


wow, interesting feedback. i wasn't even thinking that. but now that you bring it up, the potential of my sleepers (williams, gage, muhammad) may well be greater than whatever delhomme can do.


thanks once again to a very good chat room.


any more opinions?

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Gage could end up being your WR 3 this season.


I would drop Delhomme, take Gerrard and drop R. Williams.


I don't like Gage this year or any year, but given the information you've provided I agree with rugger here...


What else is out there on the WR waiver wire?


Best of Luck,


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