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Back end of the Bench RB


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I have two solid starters and took some chances with Felix Jones and Jonathon Stewart....


I picked Maroney with my last pick - round #14 basically because he was there and will get some carries this year in NE. I was just checking out the waiver wire to see if anything was overlooked by the teams in our draft and see that McGahee is available.


What does everyone think....Maroney or McGahee more value this year if I would need to use them on a bye week or really for whatever reason??


I am in a standard performance scoring league

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Do you all think McGahee will see more touches even if there are NO injuries in NE this year? I mean Rice has looked awesome this year in the pre season but McGahee has supposedly been working out hard this pre season....


I know I am arguing with myself here over a back that just might not matter as my 4th or 5th RB but it can be important for later in the season.


Thinking McGahee has the best chance to support weekly points in some way shape or form and also is great trade bait for the Rice owner if an injury occurs...


Any more opinions ?

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Maroney is on the verge of playing in the UFL or CFL


He has no defined role in the Patriots offense and has ceded all 1/2 carries to Taylor, is fighting Faulk for 3rd down carries and has no chance of goal line carries from Morris/BJGE.


The questions about Rice and his ability to be primary back, the predication in pre season by the Ravens to use McGahee on the goal line, and the fact that the Ravens run the ball a lot are all clear indicators to select him way ahead of Maroney.


Best of Luck,


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