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I have the #1 pick in 3 hours....,


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I was going to draft MJD tonight, but with his minor injury last night, and not having enough time to see if he is 100%, I might have change my plan.... It looks like I have to go with AP...


this is a PPR league with major bonuses for Receiving yards and Rec TD's for RB's... MJD will outscore AP in my league...., but do I roll the dice tonight and take MJD even with the 10% chance of an injury?


I can't take SJax or Forte with the #1 can I?


I am hoping to trade down.

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MJD only has a deep thigh bruise. Even if he misses the first week, dont worry about it. Take him and dont look back.

Wow! That must have been some shot to the shin to give him a thigh bruise.



Yes, you can take Forte #1.

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Even if MJD getting shaken up the other night didn't scare you, I still cannot see why people are so gunshy of taking AP as the clear cut #1. I had the #1 pick in 2 drafts, on a PPR and the other isn't. Regardless of the scoring format, AP is the #1 best back out there. MJD has never carried a full load, and I think that he will surely be overworked and it will take it's toll on him.


Take Peterson and then grab Taylor in the later rounds - just to be safe. Seriously - dont even look back.

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I agree, I would take AP and not look back.


I have MJD, but I had the second pick. If I had the first pick, I would take AP. He is a monster. I would also think about Forte.


If I had seen about the injury before I drafted I would of probably take Forte over MJD, but it flashed up on the screen about a half hour after my pick.



But in your case AP is the choice.

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