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sleeper D/ST question?


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i've got the jets, mostly because i've read a lot of good things from ff "gurus", and i like their offseason moves and rex ryan. what do guys think about the chargers D/ST. i'm thinking about picking them up as an insurance policy for the jets. i'd have to drop trent edwards. basically i'm wondering why a lot more people don't have the chargers as a high end D/ST. they weren't even drafted in my league

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I have both DSTs...not on the same team but I own them both and I like them both this season.


A lot of seasons in the past if I can I'll carry 2 good dsts and use them based on matchups just like I would do with any other position. For example the Colts face the Jets this season...that'd be a good week to plug in the Chargers regardless of who they play unless its like the Pats or NO.

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I like the Chargers better than the Jets....weak schedule , and Merriman return are two GOOD reasons.....I envy your chance to go pick 'em up !!!


wow no joke man. once fantasy playoffs roll around they end with dal, cinn, tenn, and wash. already picked them up. thanks guys

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You have failed to provide the required information to make this a post worthy of the advice forum's time and effort


Trade advice - Need scoring system (provide details), starting lineup requirements and your current full roster, as well as a little something about why you are considering the trade and what your indecision is for


Waiver advice - pretty much the same info as trade advice





Hope you didn't drop Edwards for them.


Well, I guess it is a function of who else you have at QB.

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