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Auction Newbie - Need Help


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I am joining a new league that does the first six rounds as an auction then the remaining as a snake draft.


I have never done an auction before and would appreciate any tips you could give me. We start with $100 so the most you can bid round 1 is $95. Please drop me a line with any pointers or links to artciles I should read.


Thanks for the help!

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Interesting Auction/Draft style first off. Put up players you don't want to make others spend. Put up "name" players like Terrell Owens and Ocho Cinco because more times than not, if they're put out for auction early they'll probably go for more than they should based on namesake alone. It will also give you a feel for what players can go for. If your not interested in the top guys, put them up to see what the cap is gonna be on the elite players. To put you in a ballpark, I picked up Adrian Peterson in my 200 salary auction league for 70 (35 at your salary cap) which I think was cheap considering top running backs in the past have hit 80+. Don't know your scoring system, but having that draft behind your auction to fill out your team is pretty nice. Definately don't end up with ANY points left unless there's something else to do with them you didn't mention. In my 200 pt salary auction, my first 3 picks were A. Peterson, L. Fitzgerald, and L. Tomlinson which left me with a meager 26 pts left to fill out my roster. I only wish for your auction/draft style after that. My recommendation, take full advantage of your draft setup. Don't hesitate to spend the points to get at least 3 stud players. Do your homework and find some late rounders to compliment your studs. I like A. Peterson and Tomlinson a whole lot due to who there backups are. If either goes down with injury, C. Taylor and Sproles shouldn't fall off that much and they easily be picked up in your later draft. Just some thoughts. Also, I don't like the idea of putting a cap on amount you can spend in a round. Kinda defeats the greatness of an auction in that you can pick whoever you want as long as your willing to spend for him. Capping it essentially turns the auction into a draft. Just my half cent.

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