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Thoughts on my team?

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Drafted a 10-team performance league last night. Standard scoring except we give 6 points per passing TD. No PPR. Roster below with round player taken in parentheses. I picked 6.


QB - McNabb (5), Garrard (11)

RB - Forte (1), R. Grant (4), R. Rice (7), L. Johnson (8)

WR - Cal Johnson (2), Jennings (3), Bowe (6), Avery (12)

TE - Owens (9), Shockey (14)

K - Elam (13)

DEF - Giants (10)


Obviously I pulled the trigger early at QB and D, but people we literally picking 2nd-string guys at those positions before I jumped in. I had the choice of Forte, DWilliams, and Tomlinson when my 1st-rounder came up. Thought Forte was a steal originally, but now I'm reading a lot of naysayers on various sites. Should I have gone LT?


Was also very surprised to see Hasselbeck go about 3 rounds early, Carlson stolen from me a round early, and Henry lifted just before my last pick (thought he was buried far enough that no one in my league knew).


Any opinions on what I might be able to swing for an upgrade at RB? We only HAVE to start 1 per week (1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1R/W, 1TE, 1K, 1D), but I wouldn't mind getting someone more solid to lead my team. Or am I just panicking after reading some disparaging Forte bashers?

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You're fine a RB. Don't sweat it.


I know the feeling with regard to the back ups being taken early. I was more or less forced to take Palmer in the 6th(not that there's anything wrong with that) the other day because 5 1/2 rounds in and 3 teams already have 2 QBs. What the $#@!? That's ok though... they just made themselves weaker at other positions.

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