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Trade Offer: Buckhalterfor Mendenhall


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I've been offered Buckhalter for Mendenhall. My starters are C.Johnson and P.Thomas. My other back-ups are Knowshon Moreno and James Davis. PPR league.


I had a weird draft and decided to be a contrarian. I loaded up at QB (Brees, Schaub, and Cutler) while everyone else shot darts at 2nd WRs and 3rd RBs. WRs are Housh, L.Moore and G.Olsen with Dustin Keller and Earl Bennett at back-up. I will definitely need help at WR at some point.


Getting Buckhalter would likely mean that I have the starting RB in Denver (Buckalter or Moreno). This would be the conservative path. On the other hand I could hold pat and hope that both Mendenhall and Moreno become starters. If that happens then one or other becomes great trade bait along with one of my QBs (for a stud WR?).


Thoughts? Do I take the conservative path or based on my current team, do I have to take the risk associated with hoping for the upside with Moreno and Mendenhall


Thanks ahead of time.

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Is the Denver running game so attractive that you really want to have every piece of it?


I think not. Not this year at least.


Stick with Mendenhall, I don't think he'll log you a ton of points this year, but if Parker goes down, and Mendy stays healthy there is some (limited) upside there.


Buckhalter is one of a cast of thousands in Denver, on a mediocre offense, treading water until Knowshon can get the majority of carries.


Best of Luck,


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