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A bit worried about my team, what's the thoughts here?


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Let me start by saying I don't like the "rate my team" threads. I'm just putting this out there because since my draft finished, I've been a bit worried about how I'll do this season. I usally feel good after my draft, but I'm not sure I'm feeling it this year. I picked 8th and drafted A. Johnson, followed by C. Johnson. The rest of my picks are in my signature.


I'm not looking for anyone to rate my team, mabye just some advice on if I should try and make a trade before the season starts. Maybe a two for one trade even.

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Here is the leagues scoring system:


Passing Yards 40 yards per point; 2.5 points at 250 yards

Passing Touchdowns 6

Interceptions -3

Sacks -.5

Rushing Yards 20 yards per point; 2.5 points at 100 yards

Rushing Touchdowns 6

Receptions 1 0

Reception Yards 20 yards per point; 2.5 points at 100 yards

Reception Touchdowns 6

Return Yards 35 yards per point 0

Return Touchdowns 6

2-Point Conversions 2

Fumbles -1

Fumbles Lost -2

Offensive Fumble Return TD 6

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any help here?


I think you have a very nice team, My only concern is the Titans running game this preseason. I think they will work things out but their performance so far is a little worrisome. Other than that I don't see any issues. Like those deep rbs. Rest easy you did a nice job.

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Call it what you will but it is a rate my team thread in Sheeps clothing. That being said I have no problem with these kinds of threads. It's kind of like a chic asking if they look fat in a dress. They know they look fat but just need a little reassurance. To answer your question I would not worry to much. Your team looks solid. The only thing I might do is try to trade AJ for Cal Johnson. He will be the number 1 Fantasy WR this year.

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