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Had my draft last night (explenation behind each pick, my views etc.)


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So I had my draft last night, first one in three years. I chose second overall and really wanted AP (for I am a somewhat biased Minnesota fan, PURPLE ARMY!!!) but settled with Brees, which I can't really be mad about either! But here is my team with brief explanation on why I drafted each player. Please rate my team also. I have a question I will get to at the bottom of this post too.



Drew Brees - no brainer IMO. Another 5,000 yard year? Probably. Faces a handful of bad pass D's this season.

Ben Roethlisberger- Got him as a back up in round 4, I was surprised. He is a solid back up that can put up some big numbers any given Sunday.



Chris Johnson- Since I didn't get my pick of AP, Forte or Turner I had to go with my gut and pick up Johnson. He has breakaway speed and can easily pick up 100+ yards a game. After this pick up I waited 2 rounds (I picked 2nd in the first round then 9th the next, then back to second and so on and so on) and picked up:

LenDale White- I went out on a limb and picked up the other half of the Titans running game. Figured if Johnson wasn't getting me TD's it might be safe to pick up the work horse behind him.

Beanie Wells- Went out on a huge limb towards the end of the draft and grabbed him, hopefully he racks up some nice 100+ yard, 2 TD games.

Willie Parker- Thinking of dropping him to pick up another WR or possibly my boy Favre (my Minnesota bias is really showing in this thought, he has the pieces to make it a HUGE year). I picked him up last round because of BYE week security.



Roddy White- I think with his new contract and finally a good throwing QB he will be deadly this season. Happy with this pick!

T.J. Houshmanzadeh- If Hasselbeck can stay healthy I think T.J. will be seeing a lot of passes going his way this season.

Jerricho Cotchery- Not sure if I wanna start him over Bennett first week. Hopefully Sanchez finds ways to get the ball to Cotchery this season.

Earl Bennett- I believe he will be the Bears breakout receiver. I'm sold on Cutlers friendship (that dates back to their Vanderbilt days) with Bennett and think he will be seeing a majority of passes.

Chris Chambers- Mostly a BYE Week security. Good receiver, has something to prove this season.



Visanthe Shiancoe- Again my Minnesota bias, but mark my words. SHIANCOE WILL BE A PRO BOWLER THIS SEASON. Last season he was Jackson's main target in the red zone and he has some GREAT hands for a TE. Plus with Favre behind center he will be used the same way that Bubba Franks was back in Green Bay.



Garrett Hartley- NO's offense can move the ball into kicking territory A LOT during the coarse of a game. Very happy with this kicker.



Minnesota- #1 Run Defense, a better pass D this season. NASTY. Not to mention Harvin returning kicks for extra fantasy points

Green Bay- Being the huge Minnesota fan that I am this was a tough pick but if I want to win this season it was necessary. Green Bay has upped their D this season in a big way. It's going to be a tough division this season that's for sure!



So what do you all think? Should I drop someone or replace Cotchery with Bennett? I'm thinking wait a few weeks to see if Bennett pans out like I'm hoping.

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Your RBs are fine, I have no problem starting both TEN RBs , and you have some decent backups and upside. Your D and QB are good, your TE OK. But WRs and backups are a problem. Big Ben in the 4th is a major reach. I'd rather pick up whatever was available 12-14th rds than go with Ben that early. Too many other options at QB with more potential than Ben. When you have a stud like Brees, get a Hass, Edwards, Palmer and hope they go off. Ben is safe but won't do much for you.

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