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Here's how my big money auction league went


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so here it is. 10 team no ppr, lineups = qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, rb/wr, k, d standard scoring, $200 budget


i wish i would have gotten moss, but someone had to overpay for him at 48. he doesnt have much else. i also gave up on rodgers after bumping him up to 40, wayne to 38, and k. smith to 33 (i wanted any of the four, didnt get em). otherwise it went as planned.


going in, my realistic perfect lineup: rodgers, LT or dwill, k. smith, moss, housh, lendale, any wr, etc.


my team and cost:


LT $55

barber 37

roddy white 28

housh 21

ocho 13

rivers 21

lendale white 7

felix jones 4

lance moore 5

eagles 1

folk 1

favre 1

bernard scott 1

jamaal charles 1

tashard choice 1

leron mclain 1

miles austin 1

mewelde moore 1



draft notes/surprises:


peterson 78!!! turner 64, mjd 66, forte 66, sjax 57, chris johnson 42, dwill 60, lt 55


fitz 40, andre 33, calvin 35, moss 47, s smith 26, jennings 30, wayne 38, white 28, boldin 30


brees 45, brady 37, manning 40, rodgers 40, warner 21, rivers 21, romo 11!!!, mcnabb 8!!!! matt ryan 3!!!


thats about it. theres a couple teams that look good, but every year those teams fail due to no depth. i was in the hunt for moss, rodgers, and wayne, and i like to think i drove the price way up on those. if it werent for me they would have gone for too cheap. feel free to critique or leave comments

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