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Rate my draft in 12 team PPR league


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Please rate my team. My league is full of FF Veterans who come prepared every year but I think I came away in pretty good shape. I get 6pts for TD's from any position and I get 1pt per reception. TE's get 1.5pts per reception. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


QB's- Donovan McNabb

Matt Hasselbeck


RB's- Kevin Smith Det

Ray Rice

Chris Wells

Fred Jackson

Glenn Coffee

Jerious Norwood


WR's- Larry Fitzgerald

Wes Welker

DeSean Jackson

Donnie Avery

Chaz Schilens

Jeremy Maclin


TE- Visanthe Shiancoe


DEF- Titans


K- Robbie Gould

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What rating scale would you like to use?


Ha that bad huh? I was really just looking for feedback. I know my RB picks this year besides K. Jones are a little iffy but I expect Rice and Wells to have pretty good upside this year. If not then I could be in trouble. I waited on a TE until late due to a mid draft TE run that I wasn't a part of. I like Shiancoe this year and I think he could easily be a Top 5 TE this year with Farve. I am happy with TEN D and QB's as long as McNabb and Hasselbeck stay healthy. They both have had solid pre-seasons IMO. I obviously had more of a focus on a solid WR core this year and I think I am set there. I definitely have a team with a lot of upside but I think I could use a few more proven vets on my team. Overall I am happy with the team considering the competition in this league. The talent is definitely spread around and nobody has a team of STUDS which is good IMO.

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B-. You need some things to go your way with Rice/Wells as RB2/3. Would be OK if you had something better than KS as your RB1. Jackson, Coffee, and Norwood don't have much appeal as backups except if you are handcuffing your stud.


I know K. Smith isn't a sexy pick but I think he will surprise a lot of people this year as I think the Lions will be a better team. Plus he isn't splitting time with anyone and his OC loves the guy. My thought on Fred Jackson was that he would be a viable starter for the first 3 games until Lynch comes back. Hopefully this will allow Rice and Wells several weeks to come along. Coffee and Norwood were late draft picks that were chosen based on the fact that I think there is a good chance that either Gore or Turner will get hurt this year for multiple games. We'll see how it all turns out. FF is a crapshoot anyways right?

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