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Standard scoring 10 man league.. 4 pts for passing td and ppr.


My Team, QB T. Romo, C Palmer --- RB A.P., R Grant, L Johnson, J Jones --- WR G Jennings, R Wayne, S Moss, P Harvin, C Henry


Start 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, k, def


Trade C Palmer and S Moss or P Harvin for S Smith(car.)

Do I need to do this or what?

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Seems like a no-brainer good deal for you unless I'm missing something - you get a top 10 WR for your backup QB and a WR (whichever one you deal) that you'd not be happy starting on a weekly basis anyways. As an aside, I'd hardly call adding Smith to your starting lineup (over Moss/Harvin) a "slight WR boost". Keep in mind that the points Palmer puts up while he's sitting on your bench don't help you, unless you have some very unconventional rules to deal with.


Good luck whatever you decide.

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Need to know what qbs on ww...but I don't think it's necessary before season begins - if Palmer plays like he did a couple of years ago you could be giving up your #1 qb for a 3rd wr (albeit a strong one). I just think I'd rather have the qb depth early and plug in a hot/best matchup #3 wr and wait to see what happens in the first few weeks rather than blindly rely on Romo to lead your team based on someone's projections.

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