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Have FItz and Boldin should I do this trade for Fitz


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Keeper league 1 pt 50 pass, 20 rush/rec 6 pt all tds

QB: Hasselback Favre

WR: Fitz Boldin V-Jax Marshall Harvin Driver Smith-NY Austin

RB: MJD Slaton Benson Greene McCoy

TE: Z.Miller Boss


I give: Fitz Z.Miller Greene Austin

I get: Braylon Edwards Tony G Glen Coffee then my choice of Donald Brown or Rashard mendenhall and my choice of Devin hester or Donnie Avery


Any opinions as to yes or no and who to take between my choices Im leaning towards Mendenhall and Hester (pr tds count as 6)


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IMO the key to this deal is how much you like Brown/Mendenhall ... 2+ years down the road. Adding Gonzo should help you this year, but losing Fitz will hurt ... on balance, it seems a fair deal ... looks to me however, like your team is decent enough "as-is" to have a chance at winning THIS year (only you can confirm that, based on how you stack up against the other teams in your league) and I'm a big proponent of trying to win when you have the cards in hand to do so. How many keepers you can keep year to year will also factor into the decision - no sense in adding players that won't help you this year if you cannot keep them next year & beyond.


If you pull the trigger, I'd take Brown over Mendenhall for sure, tossup at the WR position.

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Are you just uncomfortable with having both Fitz and Boldin? What you're doing is trading a bona fide stud for a handful of lottery picks.


Braylon Edwards - Stud talent, but lacks focus, maturity and discipline


Tony Gonzalez - Gonzo has helped me win a lot of games and a few championships, but while he's still a great player, his career is winding down and I expect him to have more of a complementary role with the Falcons.


Glen Coffee - Nice player, but Gore isn't going anywhere.


Donald Brown - Nice player, but Addai may or may not be going anywhere and it's been a timeshare in Indy for several seasons now.


Rashard Mendenhal - Still not seeing any real indication that he's a special player.


Devin Hester - Still an experiment in progress


Donnie Avery - Talented, but needs a QB and probably a true No. 1 WR opposite of him.


Do you really want to trade one of, if not the, best WRs in Fantasy Football for all of that? I get concerned too when I have too many players from one team, but Fitz and Boldin have more than proven themselves.

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Okay so what about this

I get Steven Jackson

I trade away Larry Fitzgerald


That's a fair trade and you seem to have better depth at WR than you do at RB. I guess it depends on which player you'd rather have. I think I'd still rather have Fitz, but that's just me. I have some trust issues with SJax.

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