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I can draft one more RB.


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I have Adrian Peterson so I am thinking about drafting Chester Taylor for security. I could also draft James Davis and see how that works. My running backs are in my sig. Thanks in advance for your advice.


You have nice rbs, I wouldn't worry about handcuffing peterson with your other backs being able to fill in if needed. I also would get Davis because I think he will get a boat load of carries from Lewis. Mangini will only tolerate his 2.6 ypc for so long.


Good luck with your team.

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wow. AP, chris johnson, megatron, and LT in a 13 team is nice. and steve smith on top of that.


This is the third year of this keeper league. You keep a player in the round in which they were drafted. I drafted AP the first year in the third round. Last year I took AJ in the second, Steve Smith in the fourth(he dropped a little because of the suspension) and Chris Johnson in the 13th. We can keep four players from last years team. I finished first in our league at 15-1. The one loss was in the championship game. The draft is determined by the previous seasons record. So I had the last pick this year. I traded K warner before the draft because I knew he wasn't going to be one of my keepers to move up to the number three spot this year. You can start two QB's in this league so they tend to go early. The LT owner decided not to keep him this year so I got him at #3.

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