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10 Team PPR League -- Would love some opinions!


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Hello everyone. I'm new here and was wondering if I could get a rating on my team, and some advice/suggestions on any roster moves I should make. I know you probably see this often but I really want some help because my friends and I have 20 dollars each on the league. It's winner take all, so I could potentially win 200 dollars! So without further ado, here is my squad!


QB: Tony Romo

RB: Frank Gore

RB: Kevin Smith

RB/WR: Vincent Jackson

WR: Andre Johnson

WR: Anquan Boldin

TE: Dallas Clark

D/ST: Giants

K: Jason Elam

BE: Larry Johnson

BE: Donald Brown

BE: Julius Jones

BE: Donnie Avery

BE: Jerious Norwood

BE: Michael Crabtree

BE: Earl Bennett

BE: Glen Coffee


QB: I see a big year for Tony Romo. I know he lost TO, but he still has his favorite target Jason Witten and I think Roy Williams is poised for a breakout year. He also has three talented running backs he can dish the ball off too. I think having a backup QB is pointless since you really only start them once or twice during the year, so I'll play matchups and pick one up when I need one.


RB: I see a huge year for Frank Gore. Has the same fullback that he had in '06, and Singletary is more of a hard-nosed run type of coach. Glen Coffee will snag a few carries, and I just have him as a handcuff in case Frank gets hurt. Kevin Smith is another potential star, and I think Detroit will be better than last year (how couldn't they be!) Larry Johnson is older and may not be like he used to be, but at least he isn't in a timeshare. I like him a lot this year... So many people doubting him. Donald Brown will take over the starting role from Addai at some point this season, and I'm a die hard UCONN fan so I would love to see him breakout. Julius Jones is the workhorse in Seattle, and Edge is more of a complement. Julius will now get the goal line carries since Duckett is gone, so I see some potential upside. And Jerious Norwood is a playmaker who I believe will be more involved in the Falcon's offense as they try and spare Turner a little bit (370 carries last year). And if Turner goes down, look out!


WR: I have two of the best receivers in the league. Andre Johnson will lead the way with receptions (115 last year) and will get more td's, especially if Schaub stays healthy. Anquan actually out-performed Fitzgerald last year until he got hurt, and Warner loves to look his way. Big years for both of them. Vincent Jackson will often be used in my flex position, along with Larry Johnson (play the matchups). He's primed for a big year with Philip Rivers maturing into one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. Donnie Avery is the clearcut number 1 receiver on the Rams, and I see some major upside with him, especially if Bulger gets back on track. I'm only keeping Michael Crabtree if he signs (obviously!) because he is a complete stud, and there is not much competition at wide receiver in San Fran. Earl Bennett is a major sleeper, as he and Jay Cutler both went to Vanderbilt and had very good chemistry.


TE: Dallas Clark will be one of Peyton's favorite targets, and that has shown in the preseason. With Harrison gone, I expect huge things out of him. I will play the waiver wire and pick up a tight end on his bye week.


D/ST: I know they lost Steve Spagnuolo, but I still think they are the best defense in the league. Tons of talent, they will consistently be a top 5 defense throughout the year. I'll play the waiver wire matchup game for a bye week filler. Their special teams looks promising as well, lots of playmakers.


K: Jason Elam is a part of the Falcons' offense. He'll be kicking a ton all year. Old, but productive.


So if I had to give my team a ranking (trying not to be biased!), I'd give it an A-. Tons of potential, but things could go wrong with an injury.


Any advice? Help is greatly appreciated!!!



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If we were in Math Class and I was your teacher, you my son would get a D-. Keep hitting the books and you may reach your goals and potential


No need to be rude to every new user that posts.


And to the original topic, without seeing the other teams I would say you're probably at worst a playoff team. Strong across the board.

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