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Packers going into the season


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I couldn't find a Packers page in the last 6 pages so here's a new one. I think they are hoping too much Rouse and Harrell will be healthy at some point.


From TT's press conference.


GM Ted Thompson will be speaking shortly. We'll bring you any news and notes here.


On Anthony Smith: "We had an opportunity to get a guy from Baltimore that could play, safety and on special teams. That's what it came down to."


On Martin: "Active guy, good feet. We studied him quite a bit out of Wyoming, we liked him then. A lot of times we base a lot of our pick ups on what we thought of them in college."


On Brohm: "It was because of the strength of our roster."


On whether they are looking at other QBs: "Not at this time, no."


On Ruvell Martin: "That was painful. He's everything you want in a Packer. At the same time we felt like Brett (Swain) had earned a spot on the team. They both had. Special teams was probably what it came down to."


On Rouse: "He would be healthy enough at some point."


On Harrell: "We will attempt 6, 8, 10 months of strong rehab...No one is giving up on anybody."


On Sutton: "Came down to us having a number of good backs. Sorry to lose him. But we gave him a big hug."


Packers didn't put a claim on any player.


On Meredith: "He's coming along. I thought this last game was his best game. I think the move to the outside is something he needs to experience."

"There's a confident air in our locker room."

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Harrell is damaged goods. They should have known better based on his past injuries.


But, the Packers really look like the team to beat. If their D/ST can play on fire like they did the first 3 Preseason games, they can go. The offense is clicking too.


It seems to be a three horse race with the Bears, Vikes, and Pack. GB seemed to have more going into the season, but the Vikings D/ST is good too. Da Bears are still trying to find some consistency on both sides of the ball.




Time will tell.

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Interesting note on Brett Swain, courtesy of Lori Nickel. Swain was the first person Martin called after finding out he was cut. "Saturday was actually really nerve-wracking. You never know what is going to happen. I didn’t get a call until about 1:30. This is how good of a man Ruvell Martin is – he called me at about 1:30 in the afternoon and he said that he wanted to give me an early congratulations. It touched my heart and that’s one thing I will learn from him. He’s taught me since I’ve been here, be a good person and have good character. I love Ruvell for that."


That's all class right there. Hate to see him go, but Swain seems to have a higher ceiling.

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