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Need Some Trade Help

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In a 10 team H2H scoring league. No PPR. One of my 3 leagues, and this was a bad draft on my part. Would like some advice.


My team

QB Peyton Manning

RB Adrian Peterson

RB Pierre Thomas

RB Willis MaGahee

WR Terrell Owens

WR Wes Welker

TE Owen Daniels

D Bears

K Gostkowski



Jay Cutler

Santonio Holmes

Jeremy Maclin

Donnie Avery

Tim Hightower

Chester Taylor

Ted Ginn Jr.


One owner in my league is interested in Jeremy Maclin, Wes Welker, Jay Cutler, and Peyton Manning. I need an upgrade at both WR and RB. I would like to start 3 RB's so I will be looking for someone to replace McGahee. His RB consist of Steve Slaton, Frank Gore, Clinton Portis, Glenn Coffee,James Davis, Rashard Mendenhall, and Jamal Lewis. Really only interested in Portis and Gore. His WR's are Boldin and Brandon Marshall. His QB's are Romo, and Palmer. Any advice on who I could package on getting a running back, or if I should look for trading for a WR in the flex spot and just start Peterson and Thomas?

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To get Gore or Portis, you are probably going to either have to offer a Peyton Manning/Jeremy Maclin package or a Jay Cutler/Wes Welker package. Considering you aren't getting any PPR, I would use a power runner flex such as Gore or Portis as opposed to a WR. If I were in your shoes, I would try to give him Jay Cutler/Wes Welker (no PPR) for Portis or Gore, which ever you favor. If you could get them to throw in Palmer, then you got yourself a real good deal.

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Thanks for the reply. If I offer Cutler/Welker It will obv upgrade me at RB while downgrading me at the already crappy WR position. I need to figure if at all I can upgrade at both WR and RB.

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