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WSIS week 1 flex

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PPR league - Pick 1


Im leaning towards Robinson, he was named starter and could get 5 catches plus has height for goal line. Could be semi shoot out like always when these 2 play.


Robinson, Laurent STL WR @SEA Sun 4:15 p.m


Lewis, Jamal CLE RB vs MIN Sun 1:00 p.m


Johnson, Larry KCC RB @BAL Sun 1:00 p.m, Johnson, is fresh since its a new season but Baltamor is always tough and Cassel may be out.


Harrison, Jerome CLE RB vs MIN Sun 1:00 p.m



Also pick a QB


Pennington, Chad MIA QB @ATL Sun 1:00 p.m. (Dome)

Edwards, Trent BUF QB @NEP Mon 7:00 p.m.

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If Larry was not playing the Ravens with Cassel either gimpy or out I would go with him. However, he is playing the Ravens and Cassel will be, at best, playing gimpy.


Go with Robinson as (1) J.Lewis will be sharing the load with J.Davis - we just dont know yet how his workload will play out and (2) J.Harrison is the 3rd stringer on this team.


I would start Edwards this week at QB as the Bills will be throwing all day to keep up with the Patriots.


In separate advice, you need to drop J.Harrison for a more valuable bench player - he is the third string RB on the Browns. There has to be a better RB or WR player available on the waiver wire than him.

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