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It's something I would definitely consider doing (and have done) the past two years in a PPR league. Really though, it's a strategy that's best suited for picking in bottom half of a 12 team draft where you can come away with two stud WRs instead of the RB2s that you usually see in the bottom of the first and the top of the second. The downside is that the RBs you're going to see at the bottom of the third and top of the fourth are pretty thin. You really need to hit on a sleeper or two later on in the draft or in free agency at the RB position to make it work.


In a performance scoring league, I think it's best to pick up at least on RB in the first two round, but every draft is different and it really depends on what's on the board when your picks come up.

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12 Team Performance league


Anyone go down this path with the thought that there are some solid RB's between rounds 3 - 6 ??





i picked 11 out of 12, and had keepers of roddy in the 5th and jennings in the 3rd.


at 11 and 14, went brady and moss so didn't end up taking a rb til the 4th round.


rb's ended up w/ mcfadden, ray rice, fred jackson, mendenhall, lesean mccoy, michael bush. ppr league, hope i struck gold w/ ray rice or maybe westbrook gets injured. that's my only hope, LOL

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As always, I appreciate all Huddlers' take on things...


I do try to 'pay it forward' or respond to other topics that are out there.


To answer more in depth... I have the 5th pick in 12 team performance (can keep Chris Johnson)


With the options at RB between rounds 3-7 I was wanting to go AGAINST THE GRAIN and go WR -WR right off the bat........


My draft is Monday late afternoon......



Wadda ya think... :wacko:

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I drafted 10th in a 12 Team High Performance (Non-PPR) and got Andre and Calvin, (Fitz went at #8 and Moss at #11) my next picks went P. Thomas, McFadden, Wells, GATES, (Whitten drafted by Boy's fan the pick before Gates to start TE run.) Moreno followed by back to back QB picks Shaub and Hass. I was last team to take QB so was able to draft the rook RB's while everyone else was in their TE and QB runs. If my rookie RBs live up to the hype I should go deep into playoffs. (I also tend to draft on SOS weeks 14-16) My league was shocked cuz I usually draft RB-RB-WR, but not this year. I don't think you can go wrong having a late pick and going WR-WR. Good Luck!

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i pulled the trigger on wr/wr (10 pick in 12 team league). went l. fitzgerald & a. johnson...then drafted rb's with 3 of my next 4 picks. after my big 2, the rest of my wr's are a little weak. overall, i think my team is pretty solid.

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