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Had my auction draft yesterday and feel like I pulled off the favorite for the year. We get 300 to spend on the draft and have 3 keepers (A Rodgers - A Peterson and G Jennings). 5 guys drafted who can easliy go in the top 3 rounds depending on scoring systems if not top 2 rounds. If I get lucky with Lynch or Johnson having deent years I should be golden. At the prices I paid though I am very happy and have the FA $'s to get whoever I want.


Starting line up below:


QB - A Rodgers $1

RB - A Peterson $38

RB - L Tomlinson $62

WR - G Jennings $28

WR - M Colston $39

Flex RB/WR - D Mason $7 - L Johnson $5 - M Lynch $9 - Cad Williams $1 - N Burlson $1 - N Washington $1 - C Taylor $5 - Ted Ginn $1

TE - J Carlson $1

K - R Gould $1

Def - Chic $5


We get an extra $50 for free agents plus what i didn't spend at the draft. I think I have about $150 for free agents as needed which is easlily the most so I get my pick of free agents as needed.


Let me know your thoughts.

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We had a $300 auction draft with up to 3 keepers although who you keep this year you cannot keep next year. The prices you paid for some of your players makes me think you are in a 8 team or less league. Our player prices seem higher than yours. We have a 10 team league.


L. Tomlinson $81

M. Colston $49

L. Johnson $28

M. Lynch $29


I guess the difference is what points you don't use you lose.


I can't believe you have Peterson and Tomlinson both.


If Colston performs like he did in 2007, you should do very well.

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