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Attempted Virus Attack

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Same thing happened here as the home page was loading in. McAfee picked up a virus then my pc froze and had to be restarted. Ran Malewarebytes after restart and it detected a bunch of infections.


From McAfee Log:


Detection name: FakeAlert-WinwebSecurity.e (virus)


File: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\_ex-68.exe


Process: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\wpv941252249250.exe




Hope that helps, can also send the Malewarebytes log. Firefox is still running abnormally slow so I may still have some work to do. Also when I restarted Firefox there was a new add-on I had to delete IIRC called "Vuze".

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There was a momentary hack into our home page that was cleaned off about 10 minutes after it was inserted. Our hosting support team has found the entry point and is working on a security patch. This shouldn't be an issue going forward.

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Anyone still having problems from this? My computer has been f*ed up all day since this occurred. Firefox is running at a f*ing snails pace and I can't seem to find the problem :wacko: I do know that it wasn't happening before I came here this morning. I already deleted that initial virus but my log from Malwarebytes showed a bunch of stuff that looks far nastier. Was wondering if anyone has had any additional problems and if so what, if anything, has worked to fix the problem. Browsing right now is almost unbearable.

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I learned this the hard way a while back. Some malware installs programs that re-infest your computer at startup. In case you don't know how to deal with that...


Click on your windows start button - then click Run.

From there key in msconfig and click okay.

Go to the Startup tab and uncheck anything that you don't recognize as something you want to run at startup. Some things I've seen in the past are ctfmon, ikowin32, sorihade and bekoduya.

You'll need to restart for this to take effect. When restarted run Malwarebytes again and you should be good to go. To be double sure check msconfig again and repeat the process.

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Weird. I got hit by something last night too. Really nasty and I guess it could have been from the Huddle. Something called 9129837.exe.


I ended up having to start in safe mode and do a system restore to Saturday. I did a full virus scan afterwards with McAfee and nothing showed. Hope that cleaned it up. :wacko:

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