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Trade Advice Please


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I am in a 1RB, 1RB/WR, 2WR starter league with 1 point for 10 Rec or Rush yards and 6 points for Rec or Rush TDs (no points per reception). My running backs are L.T. and P. Thomas with only high upside runners behind (Scott from Bengals and Davis from Browns) and I have Jason Jennings, Anquan Boldin, and Lance Moore as my main receivers. I have been offered J. Addai and T. Holt for Jason Jennings. Should I take it or say no? Thanks.

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Who the heck is "Jason Jennings"? Greg Jennings (GBP) maybe? If so ... given your starting lineup requirements in that you can only use 2 RB at a time no matter what & must play 2 WR with the option to use 3 ... I'd pass on that deal, even though it is a non-PPR league.

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I don't know who Jason Jennings is but if you are referring to Greg Jennings than you are basically trading Greg Jennings for Joseph Addai. Holt is being thrown it but probably won't be using him in front of Boldin and have to decide to start Moore or Holt. I don't see much upside with Holt. If Joseph Addai stays primary back for the full season, then the trade is probably pretty even. Addai and Jennings will probably finish similar in numbers if Addai stays healthy and remains "the man."



Possible starting squad:


Rb - L. Tomlinson

Wr - Greg Jennings

Wr - A. Boldin

Flex - P. Thomas or L. Moore


Rb - L.T.

Wr. A. Boldin

Wr. L. moore or Holt

Flex - J. Addai


Looking at the above starting lineups, I would not make the trade. The only rational thinking of why you would make the trade is to get some RB depth as P. Thomas may not play in week 1. I have P. Thomas on my team and I'm betting for a big season. If you make the trade not only do you have to make a weekly guessing game choice between L. Moore and T. Holt but also P. Thomas and J. Addai

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