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Should I accept? B. Marshall, Hassleback and Shaub for Matt Ryan, D. Hester?


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Should I accept this proposed trade Marshall, Hassleback and Shaub for Ryan and Hester?


QB- Ryan

Bench: JCut


WR A. Johnson

WR Reggie Wayne

Bench Hester, Coles


RB S. Jackson

RB Kevin Smith

Bench K. Moreno, D. McFadden


TE D. Clark


W/R L. Washington



Bench Green Bay


D Pat Willis

D Nick Collins

bench Ed reed

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I'm considering it, due to many reasons. I will not be giving up my starters and ill be gaining a W.R with more upside than Devin Hester if he stays out of trouble. I believe Matt Shaub will be a great QB if he stays healthy and Hassleback will be back to elite form I already planned on using my quarterbacks based on match ups like you normally do for the other positions . The only player ill have to drop is my back up defense which is Green Bay. And start Hassleback vs St Louis, and take it from there.

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yea, so if the trade were to be approved i would have 3 QBs- J cut, Shaub and Hassleback, Wrs would be A. Johnson, R. Wayne, Coles, Marshall with RB- S. Jackson, K Smith, L Washington, D. Mcfadden, and i would drop the defense. And work my Qbs based on matchups out of the three

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Do not walk, RUN to accept this trade.


Schaub > Ryan (when healthy)


Marshall > Hester (when not punting balls in practice)


Just do it now hit the accept button before your even done reading this sentence.

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