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Please help tweak my team...just drafted tonite


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Ok I got a bit carried away in my RB depth and need a kicker and eventually a backup QB.

1st question is who do I drop for a kicker?

2nd question is do I snag a backup QB now or wait? Garrard,Vick & DelHomme are available. I will need him week 8.

3rd I have Keller as TE however, Jermichael Finley is a FA, who is the better pick?


Scoring and team in the signature.

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Just thought I would add this ranking from Scott Engle RotoExperts.com Sep 2, 12:12 pm EDT


Tier 6

24. Knowshon Moreno(notes)

25. James Davis

26. Derrick Ward(notes)

27. Donald Brown(notes)

28. Thomas Jones(notes)

29. Larry Johnson(notes)

30. Ray Rice(notes)

31. LenDale White(notes)

• Notes: Davis is deservedly rocketing up the charts; Ward overrated. Let someone else deal with Jones and LJ looking old; Rice also overrated.


Tier 7

32. LeSean McCoy(notes)

33. Felix Jones(notes)

34. Beanie Wells(notes)

35. Tim Hightower(notes)

36. Julius Jones(notes)

37. Ahmad Bradshaw(notes)

• Notes: Felix has superstar potential, but can be boom or bust in any week. Arizona RBs may cut into each other’s numbers too often.


According to this Bradshaw is the RB on the bubble, then LeSean McCoy. I really like Bradshaw as Ward's replacement this year. Anybody know why Davis is ranked so high? Is it justified?

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